If you are in a point in life where you are challenged with an issue or you simply want more from life; better relationships,
higher income or success and enjoying a happy healthy life, we have helped people to overcome their issues, thrive and succeed for the past 24 years.

Practical Kabbalah Tools & Solutions

We serve people that have a problem that they cannot solve by ordinary means or that simply want to improve their lives.  All of the products found on this website are things that we have given to others in our local office for the last 24 years and have seen work successfully. Everything that we use here has been tested and proven to work.

• Improve a Career or Job-Situation.
• Increase Your Income.
• Improve Your Money Situation.
• Find a Marriage Partner.
• Find and Improve a Relationship.
• Get your Relationship Partner Back.
• Bring the Love Back Into Your Marriage.
Dating, Love, Relationships, Marriage.
• Help with Disease, Health and Pain.
Infertility and Conception Issues.
Pregnancy Loss or Miscarriage.
• Relationship & Dating Issues.
People Who are Harming or Abusing You.
• Feeling Stuck, That There is a Block or Delay.
• Making an Important Change or Commitment.
• Deal Positively With Lawsuits.
• Find Favor With a Judge or Authority.
Problems with Police or Legal Matters.
• Help to Get Out of Jail.
Business Deals or Partnerships.
Evil Eye, Black Magic, Psychic Attack.
• General Advice, Help, and Guidance.

How We Work With Clients

Our primary focus is to provide you with real world solutions, not religion or theory.  We provide you with the knowledge and materials/applications needed to perform the actions.  We invite you to review some of our work:

We seek to help each person in the short and long term.  Some of our past clients contact us and expand our relationship to their friends and family.  Our client relationships very often endure for years, and sometimes even decades. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Dream Interpretation

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While a person is awake he is conscious and the physical part controls the thought and the actions.  When a person is asleep the physical part is in sleep mode and the spiritual, the soul part of the person, brings to the brain to see hidden things through dreams. The dream belongs to the mystic spiritual side of the person and the scientists c


Is God Sending Bad Evil People to Me?

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Many times in life a person gets hurt by other people.  Sometimes even when he is sensitive and cares for a close person or a few people, these people respond with negative behavior and actions and you don't understand why. There is a different level where some people even hurt o


Why is G-d Punishing Me?

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We get asked this question very often. What did I do so wrong that G-d punished me that he gave me such a hard time and problems?  From financial issues, to relationship, marriage, divorce, health and other life challenges that people find no solution for and they don't understand why they deserve to receive those i