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Zohar and the Journey of the Soul After Death

The Zohar discusses the nature of the soul and that while our bodies are made to last only for a finite period of time, our souls are infinite and will continue to go on after our body is no longer able to function.

The moment of death is actually a spiritual moment, not a moment of pain or hardship, its a transition from the more physical and material reality to the spiritual reality.

When a person dies the relatives and the divine presence gather to assist the transition and welcome the soul back and make it easier for them to leave their body.

It is a time of divine bliss, a homecoming for your soul that was out of place in our world for so long.

The Soul’s Attachment to the Body

However, being in this world for so long, the soul becomes so used to being in a body and attached to it that, according to Kabbalah, there is a period where it feels uncomfortable and has separation anxiety without a body with it.

Here we don’t see ourselves as a body and a soul, to us it seems that they are seamlessly one, but with death there comes this separation which can be jarring and sudden and can be frightening for our soul.

After some time the soul will become acclimated again with its spiritual non-physical reality and be at peace in the new surroundings.

It will take some time for the soul to get to the point and as it does it will ascend higher and higher into the spiritual realm.

Morning the Loss of a Loved One

The Jewish mourning practices of the loved ones here are in a sense designed to mirror and assist the soul with that transition process.

The first few days before the burial the family is in mourning but generally your not even supposed to call them or comfort them just give them time and space to get over the shock and prepare for the funeral, which mirrors how the soul is having separation anxiety and there really is no comforting it.

Once the burial is over they sit shiva for seven days and you can begin to comfort them, as now that the body is buried and returned to dust, the soul is more calm.

For the next 30 days they are in slight mourning and saying special Kaddish prayers and such because the soul is still in transition and moving higher into the spiritual realm as it gets more comfortable.

After those 30 days the soul is already over the shock of being on its own and is beginning to feel more comfortable.

After a year, on the anniversary of the persons death we celebrate because we believe the soul is already in heaven and they are happy.

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