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Your Spiritual Shadow


There is a saying in Kabbalah AS IT IS BELOW, SO IS IT ABOVE.spiritual-help

Everything that exists in our material world also has a counterpart in the spiritual world.

Your entire body has an identical spiritual counterpart in the spiritual world.

Your spiritual shadow affects your physical shadow, and visa versa, they are a constant reflection of each other.

Everything exists perfectly blessed in the spiritual world but how can this blessing of G-d exist down here?   It must be contained in something of this world and its physical materials.  Thus your spirit, when a piece of it descends to the physical world is contained in a physical body.

That piece of your spiritual body exists in this world filtered through the physical body and the physical things that happen to your physical body will affect that piece of your spiritual body inside you and thus the spiritual shadow in the spiritual world.

If you can affect your spiritual shadow positively this will be reflected as a blessing back to you in the physical realm, because the spiritual will always overwhelm the physical.

The key is knowing how to empower the spiritual.  This can be done in a nonphysical way, by praying or learning for example, or in a physical way, by giving charity and other actions.  However, the most powerful impact happens when you do both for the same purpose and at the same time.

Very often the physical is underestimated because it does not seem relevant to do physical acts in furtherance of spiritual aims. But the connection is very strong.  The  physical materials that we have in this world, when they are used as he asks, in furtherance of his desires, can be connected to their spiritual counterpart and receive its blessing.

In other words, no matter how great, sublime or spiritual one’s intent may be, what is demanded of a person is that he actually give some coins to charity with his arm.

Then, the physical arm, which is no more than a shadow of his spiritual arm, becomes a holy vessel.

The soul, the bit of energy present within the physical arm is empowered to connect to the spiritual arm and bring perfection and blessing to both the spiritual and the physical arm. The shadow arm is fused with the real arm bringing the spiritual blessing into the world of the actor.

This is how you pull his blessing into your life.  The right actions, with the right prayers, with the right number of repetitions in order to create the spiritual strength to connect.

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