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Your Spiritual Actions Transform to Physical Creations

Our core studies and experience is based on transforming Spiritual Actions to Physical Creations in order to make a change in people’s life. The knowledge used is in the form of practical advice that you can take and implement and influence to create change in your life,  sometimes even within a few days.   Here is how it works in reality:

Things happen for a reason,  so there is no  “coincidence”.  Nothing is random.  There is an action or inaction which causes the result. The spiritual world exists and is very active and involved in your life, whether you acknowledge it or not. The spiritual world and physical world interact and influence a person but generally in Kabbalah there are two core explanations with regard to the affect of spiritual action on a person:

+ One: You have your own spiritual shadow in the spiritual realm that is a mirror of you in this physical realm.  According to Kabbalah, this spiritual shadow has a mark, a sign or a warning thirty days before something happens to you down here.  If you have a cut on your hand in your spiritual shadow, you will have a cut on your hand in the same place within the next 30 days.  Your spiritual shadow affects your physical shadow, and visa versa, they are a constant reflection of each other like a mirror.

There are constant interactions between you here and your spiritual shadow up there as you change and influence your spiritual shadow and your spiritual shadow influences you back based on your interactions and your deeds here.

Depending on what you do here, things change.  Of course, time is also a factor because there is an important time factor with everything but if you do something here, you do something there and visa versa, you take a spiritual action here you will get the benefit to your spiritual shadow which will then again reflect it back to your physical body here.

So every action creates a reaction, you trigger a “spiritual switch”, a spiritual action in the spirit realm that influences you here.

+ Two: Is the “law of attraction” (it’s NOT the law of attraction that the modern spiritual gurus describe).  The method is known as constant spiritual communication.  Those two sides or two forces of spiritual and physical are communicating constantly as a receiver and transmitter.

There are waves in the air.  You don’t see them.  There is electricity in the air.  There is communication going on in the air.  Those are existing without you seeing or feeling them.  But they exist.

You cannot deny that the radio or the internet is all over connecting forces, two or more sides of forces are communicating as a receiver and transmitter.  So every time the signal is sent by the transmitter someone needs to receive it.

The receiver must be on the same channel as the transmitter, otherwise he will not get the message or the message will be blocked or someone else will receive the message because he is on the same channel, the same frequency as the transmitter.

So you are communicating as a receiver and transmitter, every action that you take, you send a signal.  This signal is received by a receiver in the spirit realm and it sends you a signal back.  This communication back and forth creates a force, creates movement, creates action, creates change.  It triggers something.  And in the spiritual way you influence your reality, you influenced your surroundings, your body, your wealth and your life by triggering the right spiritual triggers. You have to be synchronized with the right channel, and there are a lot of channels that you can synchronize with,  some of them  you can choose to be connected to, other channels connect to you without your knowledge.

But there are some conditions; you have to be connected to the right channels and you have to have the right message for that channel.  You have to be open to receive the message back; if you have blockage, if you have filters, either you will not receive the message or you will receive the message wrong.

If you want to receive good things, you want to receive abundance,  success, health or good relationship you need to connect to the channels that produce those things.  Those channels are known to respond to certain communications and actions.  So you have to connect in the right language to those spiritual channels.  Connecting to those channels will trigger something that will get back to you as a blessing.

If you take specific spiritual actions to influence your life according to what you wish, your triggers are connecting you to receive and as a result transform and make a change especially for things that cannot be accomplished within the “ordinary way or systems” of the world.

For many people it may seem strange that spiritual applications and the spiritual rituals would have any power to be able to change anything in their life; we help people to implement them every day.

We practiced and have provided advice for over two decades in this old fashioned wisdom. The influence and the transforming of spiritual work into physical, creation of the physical world, on a person in the physical life.  The marks, the signs, the size, the time, the shape, the frequency, the type.  how many times and for how long and how often, when, which day of the month, and where and which place it’s all counts as there is no coincidence.

The spiritual world exists and is very active and involved in your life. Things happening for a reason, no  “coincidence” or random.


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