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Why is G-d Punishing Me?

We get asked this question very often. What did I do so wrong that G-d punished me that he gave me such a hard time and problems?  From financial issues, to relationship, marriage, divorce, health and other life challenges that people find no solution for and they don’t understand why they deserve to receive those issues.

One of the main things when you are seeking help, you want to know what is the cause and the source of the problem.

Why is G-d punishing me?  I am a good person, I never hurt anybody. Why do I deserve this?

Firstly, let’s not call it a punishment.  G-d is not sitting up there looking for people to terrorize.  What you are experiencing is a reaction from something.

The Rules of Good and Bad in Nature

The world was created under a certain set of rules and when you follow the rules you get a positive reaction, when you break the rules you get a negative reaction.  This is part of nature, let’s call it the spiritual nature. This governs how our material world interacts with the spiritual world.  The word “nature” in Hebrew is exactly the same value in numerology as the word “G-d.”  God created the good and the bad as a creation and as a correction system.

For everything you do there is a positive and/or negative reaction in the material world and the spiritual world.  You may have gotten away with something in the material world..but you have not gotten away with it in the spiritual world.  So you still will have to deal with the spiritual consequences which will manifest in some way in your material life.

It may also be confusing to you because in our world there may not be a clear connection between what you did wrong and the “punishment”  but in the spiritual world the connection between the two may be very clear.  It may come sometimes from a very different and unexpected direction. You cheated someone in business and then you develop a health problem.  These may not seem related to you but on a spiritual level one could be a reaction to the other.

All the things that G-d told us not to do, not to cheat, not to lie, not to steal, not to take his name in vain etc… these are all warnings.  Don’t do that because on a spiritual level there is a bad reaction that will influence the material level.

You may do these things in the material world and see no related consequences, but there are consequences on the spiritual level and this is what the warning was for.  He is your father warning you not to do it because he knows that it is harmful and he knows that you won’t be able to see that so easily.

G-d also tells us what we should do, how to get the blessing.  You may not see it right away, in fact it may seem to you that it’s a loss.  Usually when you give to charity you don’t see any direct material benefit to you besides a good feeling you may have when you see it benefit others.  But on a spiritual level, charity has a positive impact on the giver.   There is a significant positive reaction and that will manifest itself in your life in some way.

The good reaction or the bad reaction on the spiritual level always manifests in some way in the material level and then you will feel the consequences of the good or the bad that you did in your life.

The Way to Remove Judgements

G-d created the world with ten attributes, one of these attributes is that of justice.

This attribute will come and demand justice when there is a violation, and it has to happen.  The world is created on this foundation and these rules cannot be broken, there can be no exceptions. A judgment can never be cancelled.  Unless, the person takes the following three steps:

  1. He recognizes the mistakes and regrets it;
  2. He corrects his way through teshuva, which is a correction and healing process which you need to perform;
  3. He lives in repentance such that if the same situation came to him again, he would not be challenged to repeat the mistake

Redemption needs to be done differently depending on the thing that was done in order to remove the judgement.  So for example a person that stole from someone and a person that physically hurt someone would have different teshuva processes.

You can cancel the judgement,  you can reduce the severity of the judgment so you get a less intense consequence to your life or the judgment can be moved in its entirety on to someone else that is due. But this requires building up great merit and specific actions with real faith and repentance to make happen.

We offer some guidance on the process and solutions you can implement most of the time on your own, either for you or for someone else that needs it.

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