The following is a list of some of our spiritual solutions and Spiritual remedies that we provide EVIL EYE Evil eye is a bad negative force that can harm. We provide Evil eye solutions and remedies. BLACK MAGIC Black magic in an evil force that can affect a person and can destroy his life. Practicing black magic is [….]

Protection and Blessing for New Home

Protection and Blessing for new home buyers that enter a new home and wish to stop any previous negativity that the house or the previous owners attracted. Every house has its own spiritual character that is established based on many factors like location, nearby activities and neighbors, activities that were conducted in the house and [….]

The Ancient Wisdom and the Kabbalah Talismans

The Hebrew language is the foundation of the spiritual and physical worlds “Through the word of God, the heavens were made; and through the breath of His mouth, all of their hosts” (Psalm 33:6). The ancient wisdom of Kabbalah is based on a system of connections between each letter and other elements of the universe. [….]