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The Spiritual Way to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

We have had people contact us about how to create more happiness in their life and overcome fear, depression and anxiety.

People have a lot of different problems that cause them anxiety and depression; problems in their relationship like adultery and divorce; others are have dating problems are very lonely and are not able to find someone to get married to; some people suffer from health issues and need healing; others work very hard but don’t seem to be able to make more money.

Other people seemingly have a lot going for them, good income, a loving spouse, a good career etc.. but they are not only unhappy they suffer constantly fearing to lose what they have and have depression and anxiety hampering their day to day life.

They have a lot of fear and anxiety as they deal with normal daily issues and often are worried about dramatic scenarios that they imagine could happen or should happen in the future and get themselves all worked up.

When a person makes decisions in life, usually he is doing it based on his life experience and his thoughts but sometimes only based on how his body reacts to certain things. So then he is not really thinking about what he is doing, he is working almost automatically. These automatic reactions come from things they experienced in childhood and young adulthood.

If for example you had two parents that often argued and that made you very sad and it was very painful for you. So now when someone has an issue with you, you are not able to deal with any argument, because you have these automatic emotions that immediately rise up and are painful for you and so you immediately run away.

Who You are? What You Want?

It can also be in the positive way, that your hopes and dreams are based on what you saw, that to be successful is to be rich or to be admired, and that is what you spend your time driving towards even though that is not really who you are or what you want.

Your happiness comes from being who you are and if you are not putting your real self into these situations than they are not going to bring you happiness.

These are situations from our past that have nothing to do with are present but still cause us anxiety, fear and depression and cause us to often make bad decisions.

We have to connect to the present and that means we need to connect to our true selves and more importantly to G-d. G-d only exists in your life in the present and if you remember him and connect to him now then you will be living in the present.

Whatever you are going through now, G-d is putting you through for good. Many times G-d is trying to redirect you to a new path or show you a new way.  When you are reacting based on your past you are stuck in between your past and your present and you are not seeing the reality as it is now.

You are worried about your past and your future and you’re not really living your life. You are living out of fear.

G-d is in Every Creation

G-d is in every creation, he gives life to every creation. If you are alive then G-d is inside you. You need to connect to the real you which is the G-d inside you and not live your life based on your past or your imagination of the future. Connect to G-d and live in the present.

How do we connect to that awareness. First, you need to believe that G-d is with you, that he knows you and is watching you, that he cares about you, and wants to hear from you.

You need to think about him, and talk to him, in prayers or even in plain English. Talk to him like you talk to your best friend.

Go somewhere by yourself and do meditations, a room or somewhere outdoors is great and just talk to G-d. Tell him how you feel and what you want from him, not the material things, the real desires beneath that, that you are confused, that you have fears, that you want to be close to him, that you want to feel his comfort, to know that he is with you, ask him to help you, ask him to show you that you are important to him. Talk to him like this for 10 minutes to an hour.

If you can do it every day. Connect to him every day and you will receive within the meditation answers, you will feel more knowing and with confidence. You can’t imagine how this is going to help you and change how you feel about yourself and your life.

The fear and anxiety that once ruled over you will be gone and will be replaced by the security of knowing G-d and your place in the world.

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