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The Physical and the Spiritual Presence – Kabbalah Methods Create Change

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the most ancient of all wisdom. Kabbalah is the hidden knowledge and code that explains the relationship and spirtual operation between physical and the spiritual components.

A person’s life (and nurture) operates within a spirtual operating system that influences the physical (and visa versa) to move people and things, including major life events, in perfect order.

There is no coincidence, everything that happens in a person’s life appears for a reason.

A person is born with an “outline” of their life but was also given the choice to make decisions and to act left or right to shift his life.

The sychronization between you, the physical and the spiritual, in terms of the action, time, place or person, is set ad hoc but can be changed.

Practical kabbalah is the hidden knowledge of knowing the existing links and connections that are necessary to be in place between a person’s life and his surroundings.

A “good connection” is considered “Shlemut” that the person is complete in every area/level of his life.

Our goal is to find the missing/broken link (the cause of missing light=darkeness) and to activate practical solutions to connect/relink the missing or non functional part for repair and resolution.

The Physical and the Spiritual Presence

Your physical presence alone is not enough to create life, there must be a good connection between physical and the spirtual part.

There are practical spiritual actions that can influence and change the physical for good or bad.

We have personally seen these methods help people overcome major obstacles in their lives for over 2 decades in our local office.

The actions are very simple to do but can have a huge impact on person life.

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