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The Divine Presence What Does it Mean

What does it mean when the divine presence dwells in a particular place and does not dwell in a particular place. Doesn’t God dwell everywhere? Where is God not present?

What do we mean when we say God is truly everywhere or we speak in terms of revelation?  Life force, vitality, can be described in two perspectives, in two ways.

A. The entire body receives the life force and vitality from the soul. Every part of the body, from head to toe, is either living or not. And if it’s part of a living body, it’s living because the soul– the vitality makes it living.

B. On the other hand, if you talk about the particular flow of vitality and energy to each particular organ and limb of the body, you need a brain. Everything first flows through the brain and the brain directs the vitality through the blood circulation, through the heart, to the whole body. So it goes from the brain, to the heart, to the vital organs, to the smallest toenail and piece of hair, so that vitality is not equally present. You have greater flow of energy to the brain and the major organs, and lesser flow of energy to the external body parts, certainly to the fingernails and the hair.

When we talk about godliness, on the one hand, God is everywhere. God is everywhere equally concealed. God is concealed here in this world. He’s also, concealed in the highest worlds, hidden. It’s not that God is revealed in the highest world, because God is so otherworldly, because of the fact that he’s infinite, that he cannot really be revealed anywhere.

And the difference, between the higher or supernal worlds, and the lower worlds, would be from the perspective of the flow of the life force of vitality, which the infinite draws down into the lower worlds in varying degrees of concealment.  If something is concealed, and you reveal it, that’s called revelation.

Therefore, when it comes to light, when it comes to illumination, we can say that the higher worlds received a greater sense of revelation than the lower worlds. The higher worlds receive greater revelation than the lower worlds, like the heart, and the kidneys, and the liver receive more life force than the toenails.

Each and every creation within these worlds, receives a certain amount of life force.  Each and every one according to its energy, its makeup, its actions receives more or less individual life force, flow of life, which God causes to flow down and illuminate.

Our behavior, actions, surroundings, associates etc.. can all have an effect in determining how much life force we get and when.

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