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The Cause of all Illness and Disease

All illness and disease is essentially caused by a build up of toxins in the body that disturbs the normal function of the organs.

Wherever there is a build up of toxins disease and illness will eventually begin to grow and affect the function.

Why Does Our Body Build Up Toxins?  

Maimonides says that toxins come primarily from luxuries of food and drink; eating and drinking too much or eating and drinking too much of the wrong thing.

In Maimonides’ time the food and drink were relatively natural and unprocessed and the issue for the most part was eating or drinking too much in quantity.

In our time the amount of food is still an issue but the type of food that we eat has become a bigger issue, that our food is full of things that are unnatural and not compatible with our body.

What we consider food today is very heavily processed and converted from its natural state and contains a large amount of toxins, chemicals, preservatives, food dyes, even plastics and metals.

What are Toxins?  

Toxins are anything that goes into the body, either through the mouth or through the skin, like creams and cosmetics and such and its not food.

What is food?  Anything that gives us energy or helps build, like sugars, fats, proteins, vitamins etc.

When you put non-food items into your body like coffee, alcohol, cigarettes, food colorings, preservatives etc. all these things are substances that are considered poison by the body and the body needs to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

If the body is young and strong and open, what I mean by open is that the pores of the skin are clear and clean and breathes, their skin, toileting and kidneys are working well the body will be able to eliminate these toxins at least at the rate they are coming in and you will not have a build up of toxins.

But if the body is not able to eliminate the toxins completely from the body, then there is a build up of toxins in the system.

The build up is usually found in the weakest part of the person’s body.  What the weakest part is will usually be determined by the person’s genetics.

Usually they will inherit a set of weaknesses in the body from their parents and those are the most likely places where disease will happen in the future because that is where the toxins and poisons will build up and begin to deteriorate the body.

Eliminating Toxins and Natural Healing

God made the body in a way that it will be able to heal itself.

How?  The body is able to separate food and nourishment from the waste, toxins and poisons in the body and use the nutrients to live and grow and eliminate the waste from the body.

This is how the body was made, with an innate ability to eliminate from the body what is harmful and damaging to it and this is the body’s ability to heal itself.

If the body was not able to eliminate toxins the person would become weak, ill and would die.

This is essentially what happens when we become ill, the body is not able to eliminate the poisons from the body fast enough.

When you are sick, you feel pain or you are weak but you don’t know exactly why, where is this coming from.

This is essentially the doctor’s job, to tell you why you have pain or are weak or whatever other symptom you have.

A doctor does not actually heal you, essentially his job is to help you find out where the problem stems from but the doctor doesn’t heal.

A human being cannot heal anything. Even a cut, the doctor may stitch it up but its the body the repairs it.  A broken bone, the doctor may set it but he cannot put the bone back together, the body does that.

Man cannot heal anything, the only thing that can heal is the body and the energy that God put into it.

The job of the healer is not to heal, it is merely to advise you as to what you did to cause the problem and what to do to cause the body to eliminate the problem.

The essence of healing and being healthy is not to disturb the body’s processes of healing itself.

The body’s processes of maintaining itself are always there; do not disturb them.

Spiritual Healing Influences

You can disturb the body’s processes with physical things like eating a lot of junk food but you can also disturb it in a spiritual way.

For the body to do what it does it requires spiritual energy.  If you are using up your spiritual energy on stress and fear and the like then the body will not have enough energy to complete its processes.

Even if the person is eating the most clean and healthy diet, if he does not have the spiritual energy available he will be sick.

Maintaining your spiritual energy with positive things, prayer and learning, meditation and the like, is also very important to maintaining your health and avoiding disease.

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