Talismans and Amulets

A whole world of magic solutions.

Our Talismans have been proven to influence and make a change. For the very best, unique or custom talismans, our holy talismans are handwritten on parchment in an old fashioned code that has spiritual meaning to perform an action and make a change. Some of our talismans have turned our client’s life around.

Talismans include a combination of mystical and Kabbalistic codes, symbols or signs that direct spiritual forces and mystical power to influence a person or its environment.  The entire writing process must be in a spiritual mindset and meaning for a specific purpose.

Apply the spiritual principles with our Talismans:


  • Custom made. Genuine talismans.
  • Handwritten on quality parchment.
  • Unique spiritual approach by proper kabbalistic methods.
  • Per your personal request to influence a specific issue.

Making the Talismans

We craft the talismans in a holy environment, instructed per your personal needs to answer any of the questions you may have.

The process of creating a talisman:

1. Receiving your request – Provide your name and your mother’s name (or the applicant’s), explain your situation/problem and the result that you would like to see.

2. We will examine your request and reply with additional information that may be needed or confirmation that we have it all.

3. We will choose the right day and time to create the talisman.

Provision time:  Usually 3-7 days. (please specify in your request if you need it earlier).
Shipping cost: Free shipping in the US. $27 to most worldwide locations.


What Our Customers Say

“Our store was losing money every month and it all turned around when we got your this talisman. People are coming into the store now and buying and we are starting to have more and more repeat customers. I feel like it made everything click into place and we are moving now.”


“I am delighted to inform you that I got the promotion at work! God is indeed great. Thanks for all your help.”


“Hello, I purchased the talisman for aggressively getting rid of enemies. I’m very grateful …. Our enemies are failing on every front. We are very grateful to the Lord.”


“Yes! We got back together! Sometime after I started carrying the talisman and saying the script every day he started texting me again and he told me he missed me. Thank you! It worked!”


“My husband has been out of work for the last 2 years. I want to tell you there is good news! Yesterday my husband saw an ad in the paper for a job so he went down to the office this morning and he was accepted for the position on the spot! Thank you! He said he will carry the talisman all the time from now on!”

Talismans Prices

We provide the following talisman costs to suite most inquiries that we receive. Each talisman is written on a special parchment in a special process. You will receive complete instructions describing exactly how to use the talisman in order to get the best results. The instructions are very simple and can be completed quickly and easily by almost anyone.

Talisman Type 1

Custom new talisman on parchment based on your specific request. You should choose this option if you know what you need.  $475 spirit

Talisman Type 2

Custom new talisman base on your unique request  + our personal opinion and advice on or materials or text that should be used together with the talisman +  3 months of complimentary support by email for any advice you may need related to your request.  $750 spirit

Option 3

Our one on one personal consulting on your topic +  custom new talisman + our service to work and take action on your behalf on your unique request + looking into more options to work with additional spiritual solutions + 6 months of complimentary support by email for any advice you may need related to your request. $3,000 spirit

Our Guarantee

We take your satisfaction seriously. If you find that you are not satisfied with the results, we will examine your request again and will be responsible to replace your talisman with a new one at no additional cost. ( For Option 2 or Option 3 only) (shipping cost will be applied for clients that are located outside of the US ).  We will look into and recommend additional solutions for you without any additional cost.

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