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Spiritual Healing of Illness

Spiritual healing can occur because the body is alive and is connected to its spiritual source at all times.

This spiritual source is constantly pushing its energy into us.  This energy animates the bodies functions and allows us to live.

The body itself is merely a vessel. It has no innate energy of its own.

It would not function at all without the spark of spiritual energy which starts all of its processes to work.

Finding Health and Avoiding Disease

First of all, health is about the balancing of energies in the body.

As a result, it is critical that you are properly receiving this constant flow of spiritual energy into the body.

In some cases it can also include properly nurturing it.

When there is a perfect balance of energy then you will have a healthy body.

A body full of energy that feels good, feels positive and is happy.

When energy is flowing smoothly then there is a perfect balance of energy in the body.

There are no clogs or damaged areas preventing the flow.

The body is receiving the spiritual energy properly and it provides sustenance.

If there is a spiritual defect in one area of the body then the energy cannot flow through the body.

This can cause a loss of energy, damage to body parts, illness, disease and other medical conditions.

Unless the body itself had a defect at birth, every illness or disease has a spiritual root.

Meaning the root cause is that the spiritual energy of creation is not properly being received by the body.

Spiritual Healing

We can create spiritual healing by nurturing the spiritual, removing the blockages, correcting the damage and allowing the free flow of energy again.

Your life comes from the spiritual energy provided by G-d.

If you are ill it is because the spiritual energy flowing to you has slowed down or you are not properly receiving what is flowing to you.

This may be because there are spiritual rules guiding the world that you may have not followed properly.

This will cause a blockage in your body and a reduction in spiritual energy received.

This is a very complex concept and one that can be difficult to work with.

First, it’s not just one flow of energy coming from one place, there is energy coming into all areas.

Part of the key is knowing which spiritual area affects what part of the body.

So that you can trace back your physical injury to the relevant spiritual cause.

Thereafter, we must know how to spiritually correct the blockage or spiritual damage.

This spiritual healing will allow Godly energy to flow through again and restore the body’s balance.

The body can restore its balance and heal itself if it is under normal conditions once it is receiving a proper flow of spiritual energy.

We provide Kabbalastic spiritual healing through our Mind and Body Healing Package.

This type of healing is very individual as it requires determining the spiritual source of the illness or injury.

However, the remedy itself is often very simple and may take only a few minutes a day.

Often, even a few one time actions may cause  significant improvement.

We have worked with many people on driving more positive spiritual energy into their life to prompt healing and have truly seen miracles.

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