Spiritual Dream Interpretation

While a person is awake he is conscious and his physical part controls his thought and the actions.  When a person is asleep the physical part is in sleep mode and the spiritual, the soul part of the person, brings to the brain hidden things too see through dreams.

The dream belongs to the mystic spiritual side of the person and  scientists could never bring rational reasons or any evidence as to how it’s possible that whatever a person dreamed sometimes later on became a reality.

There is a specific meaning to what time and in which part of the night you had the dream.  For instance, dreams that were dreamed early in the morning before the sunrise are more likely to be true and to happen.

A dream reflects some or a point of a person’s life in the past, present and future.  Understanding a dream according to Kabbalah is complicated and sometimes even the dreams interpretation is different from person to person.

There are definitions to the things that appear in a dream, like, friends or relatives that are living or passed away; a kid or baby; different objects in different colors; and the movement and the location, like a steady motion, running, falling, and even the type of connection between you to the people or objects.

All these need to be included in dream interpretation as they have a positive or negative meaning for good or bad, as they have influence on occasions and times in your life.

 How We Conduct Spiritual Dream Interpretations

We provide spiritual dream interpretation with a focus on the action needed  as we want to be sensitive to people.  You will receive our opinion as an answer to your dream and recommended actions if needed, divided into four categories:

A.  Insignificant Dream No need to take an action.

B.  Be Patient No rush, you have to wait for the following 30 days.

C.   Action Needed The following is our suggestions…

D.  Action Needed Immediately The following are our suggestions and solutions…

In case needed we can provide some of the applications or if its reachable you can buy it locally.

Spiritual Dream Interpretation & Solutions

After payment completion we will receive your dream details and respond as soon as we can, usually the same day. We might come back with some questions to clarify and provide you with an answer.  If we feel we have no answer or solution, we will refund your payment.



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