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Spiritual Cleansing: The Best Diet in The World

Part of living a spiritual life is taking very good care of your diet and being careful about what you eat.

One must take care of his body and keep it in good working order, but its not just about losing weight or eating healthy.

A part of Jewish observance is keeping the kosher dietary laws.  But many people wonder why it is so important what we eat.  Why does G-d care what you eat?

How is What We Eat Important Spiritually?

One of the very important concepts in spirituality is purity and impurity.  In order to allow positive spiritual influences into your life you need to be as pure as possible.

Positive spiritual energy cannot go into something that is impure, broken or damaged. Impure, broken or damaged things are vessels for bad negative energy and unfortunately can attract that energy into your life.  So it is very important to avoid things that are impure or damaged.

The kosher laws regarding food are part of this effort to remain pure.  The kosher laws are very detailed but part of it is avoiding eating certain animals altogether like pigs and shellfish.

These animal are not prohibited because they will make you physically impure or cause you illness.   If you were to eat these products, as many people do, you would be physically fine.

The reason eating such animals is prohibited is because for whatever reason they are spiritually impure so if you were to eat them they would damage you spiritually.

It’s Not a Commandment, It’s Advice

Every living thing has a spiritual component and a physical component.  The physical component of these foods are compatible with the physical component of your body.

However, the spiritual component in this animal is not compatible with the spiritual component in you, namely your soul, and thus it will cause spiritual damage.

G-d is not trying to make our lives hard by creating all types of laws to see if we will follow them.

He is giving us information about the spiritual components of the world around us which we would otherwise not be able to know or understand while we are here.

So what you eat is important because everything that you do is important on a physical level and on a spiritual level but sometimes the physical considerations are different than the spiritual considerations.

The Physical Effect On Your Body

The spiritual prohibitions and rules are often disregarded because they seem not to make sense because they do not seem to have the direct physical consequences science would be looking.

But these are not physical rules they are spiritual recommendations rules and they affect your spiritual being and your spiritual world not your physical world.

Everything you do, including what you eat, is important on two levels and has effects on two levels; the physical and the spiritual.

The physical effects are much easier to know that the spiritual.

The spiritual effects are much more complex and has not been as preserved throughout history.

In order to know it understand it takes years of careful study of the Kabbalah and living in a way so as not to damage the spiritual.

The spiritual effects do end up having a physical effect on your body as the spiritual and physical are in constant interaction.

However, it would be difficult for you to understand and see a direct cause and effect because the spiritual rules of cause and effect are very different than the physical.

The reverse is true also you can do physical things in this world that will have a spiritual effect and then a corresponding physical effect in your life. This is how you can effect change in your life through spiritual acts.

Healing Through Spiritual Acts

If you would like more information about how effect healing from disease or other medical problems through spiritual acts please contact us through our Mind and Body Health Remedies form.

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