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Spiritual Cleansing: Check Your Priorities Often

Life goes by so fast and the truth is that many people don’t take the time to think about what is most important to them.

Most people don’t have their priorities wrong, they simply have actually never taken the time to step back and evaluate it.

The bible requires the Jews to observe the Sabbath, which is a time from sundown Friday night to sundown Saturday night in which they do not do any work and do not use any electricity.

They eat festive meals, go to synagogue to pray together and spend time with family. This is a very important part of Judaism.

This Sabbath is known as a day of rest, but we do not observe it for the purpose of resting from a long work week.

It has nothing to do with rest. It is a time of reflection.

There is a great analogy to a painter who is working on a painting.  Once in awhile the painter will step back and look at the painting from a short distance.

He is not doing that to get a short rest from painting, he is doing it because he is trying to create a great work of art.

To do his best to ensure it will be a great work of art, he must stop every once in a while to take a step back and see if it is coming along in accordance with what he is planning for it to be.

On the Sabbath we are supposed to step back and look at how we are living our lives.

I am running around for six days working, taking care of the kids, dealing with friends, emergencies, feeding my family, cleaning my home,  the list goes on and on.

Let me step back and see what I am spending my time, money and energy on. What am I working towards?  Am I on the correct path? If I keep working this way where will I end up? Do I need to change something? Do I want to change something?

Your life needs constant reflection. On the Sabbath we take weekly reflection and on Yom Kippur we take annual reflection to make sure we are on the right track.

Every businessman knows that you have to constantly create reports and review how you are doing and how you can improve.

We do this for our business but how often do we do it for ourselves?

We all need to think about what it is that we want to accomplish with our lives and are we successfully working toward those goals.  Once you think about that you will bring more value to what you do every day and where you spend your time.

Once you think about your priorities and know what they are, you will come up with the correct answers for you and think more about whether you are living your priorities and how to do that.

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