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Evil Eye Affects: How to Get Rid of Bad Luck

Sometimes people go through periods in their life where they feel they are having a string of bad luck.  It sometimes seems like one negative thing is happening after another as if you were somehow cursed or some negative energy has attached to you and you feel like you just need to get rid of this bad luck that has somehow came into your life.

This idea of bad luck attaching itself to you is real.  There is negative spiritual energy just as there is positive spiritual energy and sometimes unfortunately we can can cross its path and it does in a sense “attach itself: to us.  This is what is commonly known as the evil eye.

How Do You Get Bad Luck

How does this happen?  Usually it does come from another person. In today’s world there are very few people that can do any sort of black magic or witchcraft spells and curse you or affect your life in any way, especially in the western world.  Unfortunately, its often much more subtle than that.

The one thing that people can affect you with is what is known as the Evil Eye.  The evil eye comes from another person’s negative thoughts and words about you.  These negative thoughts or words are not direct curses that can affect you, very few people are spiritually connected enough to have that kind of direct power anymore; that they say something, positive or negative, and its done in the spiritual world.

What the other person’s negative words and thoughts can do is cause you to be judged in the upper spiritual worlds.

The negative spiritual forces take their words to be evaluated in the upper spiritual worlds and this may prompt an evaluation of what you have and whether you deserve it and this is what may cause a negative effect in your life if you are found lacking.

There are positive forces looking for reasons to give you blessings and there are negative forces looking for reasons to give you the opposite.  Other people’s words can give the negative forces the ammunition they need to argue against you.

5 Principles of the Evil Eye and How To Avoid the Evil Eye

You can avoid bad luck or negative energy from others and prevent the effects of the evil eye with a little bit of knowledge of how the Evil Eye works.

  • Be Careful With the Blessings You Have Received.  Think about how you will make others feel when they see what you have. Don’t tell a friend or acquaintance about the amazing surprise trip to Hawaii that your wife gave you for your tenth anniversary when you know the man at the next table is listening and he is going through a divorce or is having marriage problems.

He may hear you and think “why does this man get to have such a wonderful wife and I don’t? Why does he deserve this blessing when he so pompous about it?  So now he is going to be judged in heaven on whether he does deserve it, because he hurt someone with it.

Of course, as careful as you may be there still may be people who are hurt and people who will talk about you but if you do what you can not to show off your blessings and not to hurt others then G-d will do what he can to protect you from their words and judgments.  In a sense your efforts not to hurt others stand in your defense.

  • Don’t Put Yourself in Risky or Dangerous Situations.  Don’t go speeding through dangerous roads, walk in a dangerous unsafe area at night, take drugs or alcohol and drive, associate with bad people that break the law or do illegal things yourself etc.. If someone sees you or hears about it they will think; wow that person is very lucky; how did he get himself out of that situation, how did he get away with that?  The negative energy forces hear this and take it up to the spiritual world and evaluate it.

Did so and so really have the spiritual merit to get away from this situation unharmed?  As they say: don’t tempt fate.

  • Be Careful Not To Hurt, Embarrass or Offend People.  You may even do it by accident or you may do it on purpose but when you hurt people they may tell others or complain about you to others.  These words again may be picked up by the negative spiritual forces and taken up to G-d to say “look what this person is doing to others; he’s a bully, he’s offending and hurting people.” Remember the maxim and “eye for an eye” so that spiritual law may be evaluated to see whether you deserve commensurate punishment.

This is coming from the evil eye because you hurt someone and you did not apologize or show appropriately remorse or care for your act.  If you offend someone or embarrass them, even as a joke, make sure to say your sorry right away, don’t let them sit with that hurt and speak badly about you.

  • Judge Other People Favorably.  Don’t talk badly about other people yourself.  Have mercy on others and always try to say positive things about others. This is again part of the “eye for an eye” maxim, so you have the protection when bad things are said about you, the positive forces can say look how he spoke favorably about others and avoided bringing judgement onto them so we should avoid bringing judgement onto him as well. He had mercy on others and we should have mercy on him to.  This is a great defense to others judgmental comments.
  • Connect Yourself to Positive Spiritual Energy.  Everything you do in this world is constantly evaluated in the spiritual world to determine how much blessing and protection you can receive. This is an organic natural thing that runs just in the way nature runs.  If a plant receives oxygen and water and sunlight it will grow, if not its growth will be stunted and it will also likely not be strong enough if something else in this world decides to damage it.

So if a person brings himself closer to G-d and performs positive spiritual acts to connect himself to the source he will experience great spiritual growth and even spiritual enlightenment and this will act as a protection to any negative spiritual energy coming towards him in this world.

On the other hand if he is not close to G-d and not feeding his spirit with connection to positive spiritual energy, his spirit will not be strong and he may be easily damaged by any negativity others decide to throw at him as he does not have much positive spiritual merit to protect him.

How To Get Rid of the Evil Eye or a String of Bad Luck

So what do you do if you feel you have the evil eye or bad luck from someone?  How do you stop the effects and get rid of it. First off an evil eye bracelet or evil eye jewelry is not going to do anything.  Its merely symbolic and cute but its not going to do anything to any negative energy that’s around you.

First, if you have hurt anyone make sure that you apologize and make amends so they do not speak badly about you and pass around more negativity about you.  If you think this person is an enemy or someone that will not respond to kindness then you need to create protections.

Protections are created by certain positive spiritual acts that counter the evil eye. Our Evil Eye Protection and Removal Package is designed to provide the items and instructions you need for evil eye removal.

We have used this package numerous times with many of our local clients and we have heard many reports of success in ending their bad luck and even turning it around to good luck!

Many of our clients have also found success with our Improve your personal luck package when they are looking to create more positive energy in their life.

You can see some option in our store If you have any questions about which solution may be right for you please feel free to send us an inquiry at our Contact Us page and we would be happy to help.

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