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Can Spiritual Actions Create Change In My Life?

Most people think the things that happen to them are “coincidence”, “random” or only because of their mistaken actions. We have been learning and practicing a spiritual life and providing Kabbalah remedies long enough to be able to say very clearly that nothing is random, the spiritual world exists and it is very active in [….]

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Spiritual Solutions, Applications

We create effective spiritual solutions and remedies for individuals and organizations around the world that are looking for help or advice and to overcome obstacles using ancient wisdom spiritual methods. We have identified and outlined the most successful spiritual applications to improve a variety of commonly presented issues.  The few described here are a drop [….]

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How Spiritual Solutions & Applications Work in Reality

Kabbalah is often thought of as a philosophy of life to be studied, but it is not just a religious tradition to be studied but it also contains incredible old world strategies and remedies that can give you direct positive results that you can see in your life today. We have worked with these remedies for [….]

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Spiritual to Physical = Spiritual Change Triggers Physical Change

The spiritual presence is part of every physical being and object. The physical and the spiritual are always relating and interacting with each other, whether the being is aware of it or not. Influencing one of the sides (either the spiritual or the physical) will make a direct change in the relationship between them. Influencing or harnessing that [….]

Protection and Blessing for New Home

Protection and blessing for a new home is for buyers that are entering a new home and wish to stop any previous negativity that the house or the previous owners attracted. Every house has its own spiritual character that is established based on many factors like location, nearby activities and neighbors, activities that were conducted [….]