Someone To Ask For Advice.

In our years of counseling we have been approached by many people that have had a doubt, need to make a decision or take an action toward a new direction and they had the privilege to trust us. They got to know us through someone else’s past experience and approached us asking for guidance and advice with different topics and life challenges.

Having someone that you can trust to tell whatever is in your heart is important, especially when you want to talk about things that are private with someone who is impartial and free from past opinion. Sometimes you don’t know the right person to talk with or you just know that the right people around you are the not the right ones to discuss an issue or problem, especially if the thing is important for you and you want to have someone with a clear mind that cares about you, with the experience to discuss the right options and make comments about what you think.

People approach us from all over the world with different life questions and topics that are related to all of us, but although the situations may sound similar between different people, there is always a difference and most of the time a big difference between people’s approach to life. So our advice and guidance to you will be as unique as possible to your personal situation and challenge with the intention and sensitivity to give you the best advice considering all of the information that you provided to us on the one on one phone counseling conversation or a few consulting sessions if necessary.

Our counseling service is based on the kabbalah experience, listening, advising and helping people execute solutions and remedies with a strong intention on the spiritual side and especially in a person’s emotional and physical side making the best effort to consider any other things surrounding your environment like your home, your job and future results and on the spiritual level of every person’s mind and soul and the health of our remedy and advice that needs to be considered as one part.

We help people with many different areas of their life, including dating, financial success, illness, depression, evil eye or any other areas of life that you may need help with. If we think that we cannot help or it’s not our area of specialty we will tell you that up front as our integrity is primary.

If you have any questions or would like any more information, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to advise.

Have a blessed day.