Protection From Enemies & Bad People

This package includes items and applications to offer protection from people who are causing you harm or trying to cause you damage.

Protect yourself from the negativity and damage from your ex-husband or ex-wife, co-workers, boss, friends, family members, spouses, relationship partners, previous marriages and previous relationships, competitor attacks or business partners that are going against you.

The words and actions of any bad people around you can prevent you from living a better normal life and creating a better positive environment.

There are evil people who try to harm others on a regular basis. This is very common in today’s world and protecting yourself from their lies and jealous and negative energies and the damage they create has become vital.

Doing the recommended actions in the applications provided, can be a powerful tool to eliminate the effects of damaging people on your life. These are special tools you can use to protect you and your loved ones.

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Every person, animal and object located in this material world has spiritual components within it that cause it to exist, these are roots in the upper worlds that it is still connected to. Everything that a person does here has an influence in the upper worlds through these roots and afterwards the blessing comes down to him in equal measure.   

A person’s physical actions, cause the spiritual components within the person or physical objects used that are still connected to the upper spiritual levels to create change on that spiritual level, which comes back and manifests itself as physical or material change in this world.  That is the power of the person, that he can change and build with his actions worlds above, which will change his circumstances in this material world.

The knowledge revealed in the Kabbalah and related  ancient wisdom is the exact requirements of these actions, the time and place and circumstances in which they are to be completed and the effect they will have on the actor.

We provide you with the actions and tools needed specifically to cause negative and harmful people to move away from you, be removed from your life or turn their attention elsewhere.  We have used with clients in our local office for over 2 decades and have personally seen influence tangible reality; old world strategies and remedies that can provide direct positive results that you can see in your life today.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

This package is for any man or woman that has someone in their life that is causing a problem for them. We provide you with information, tools and ready to go products to use and to easily implement to remove and block this person from your life. All the tools that we provide to you have already succeeded with people that we served in our local office and online.

This package includes a variety of practical kabbalah tools that can be used to help protect you from people trying to harm you. Each package comes with complete instructions describing exactly how to use each product in order to get the best results.

The instructions are very simple and can be completed easily and quickly by most anyone. The actions are very simple to do but can have a huge impact on your life.

We give you the option to change your mind and return whatever we sent you and receive a complete refund.

Our solutions are unique, not something that you have ever seen before. So when you receive our package with the guide and if you feel that you want to start to implement it immediately we stand behind our word that whatever we sent you is already tested and in most cases successfully applied.

If you open the package and decide for any reason that you want to return it, we ask you not to use it, put everything back together in the same condition immediately and we provide you even 7 days to do so. As soon as we receive the package back we will provide a full refund on your payment (not including the shipping cost).

We hand make each package personally for you at the time of order, we are usually able to ship the package within 3 business days of the order date.

 Shipping within the United States is free.  International shipping is $35.