Protection and Blessing for New Home

Protection and Blessing for new home buyers that enter a new home and wish to stop any previous negativity that the house or the previous owners attracted.

Every house has its own spiritual character that is established based on many factors like location, nearby activities and neighbors, activities that were conducted in the house and blessing or negativity that came with the people that used to live in the house. (Like a house close to train stations, cemetery, illegal activities, fights or other similar forbidden activities)

Keep negativity and harmful forces away.

A new owner that is entering into his beautiful home may not know the activity and the history and the negative impact on the previous residents of the home and it is highly recommended to:

A. Purify the house. We provide all of the applications and guidance to perform it. It depends on the size of the house but it usually takes about 20 minutes.

B. Obtain a special talisman to be located before the front door. If you have more than one entrance to your house we recommend to place an additional talisman for each external door.

This product is the package for purification of the home. Detailed instructions and support are also provided.

For the talismans visit New Home Spiritual Protection Talisman