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1. Structured and precise tools to resolving disputes.
2. Our guide to successful marital during a crisis. — From marital crisis to marital growth is a package that we send my mail that including structured and precise tools to resolving disputes in relationship.
3. One-on-One private consulting.

The professional guide will give you structured and precise tools on how to connect to your feminine strengths
In order to build the right process for resolving disputes
without tension and anger and in a manner

A solution for relationship problems.  Increase the positive energy between you and bring the love back.
The marriage and relationship problems package includes a variety of practical kabbalah tools and materials that can be used to help you fix your current marriage or relationship, bring a loved one back to you, or create peace in a platonic relationship at work or with a friend.

These are proven methods to accumulate positive spiritual energy that will cause others to favor you and see you in a good light.

In our two decades of work we have seen it work time after time with people around us that wanted to find peace and love again with their spouse, or people that were having trouble with their marriage. Using our spiritual methods they were able to turn it all around.

Spiritual Tools for Relationship Success

Relationship problems may exist on the spiritual level and cause conflicts, arguments, disagreements and separation in the relationship.

Jealousy, hatred, impurity of a surrounding person or even items affecting relationships in current time or in the past may be some of the reasons for problems in the relationship.

Improve or repair your relationship problems by addressing the spiritual and change a negative environment to a positive supporting environment.

We received very positive feedback from many people that we have worked with that the relationship was fixed to a level of renewed love and peace just like when they first met.

We saw cases of couples that had already started living separately and then went back together holding hands after two weeks.

Marriage and Relationship Solutions Package

Marriage and relationship success by ancient spiritual methods. Marriage & relationship spiritual applications and tools. Each package comes with complete instructions describing exactly what to do and how to use each application.

The applications can be done on your own, without any other party’s knowledge or cooperation.

The only thing you have to do is use the materials provided in accordance with the instructions provided.

You do not need to make any major changes to your life.

This package can help to improve any relationship, including

  • Love relationships like a married couple, even if you are separated or divorced; dating partners; bring back an ex or estranged partner; attract a cheating boyfriend or girlfriend back etc..
  • Family relationships, like a parent and a child, mother-in-law, sister or brother etc..
  • Work Relationships, like difficult coworkers or boss; errant employees, business partners etc.


How Can Spiritual Methods Help With My Relationship Problems?

Every person, animal and object located in this material world has spiritual components within it that cause it to exist.

These spiritual components are still connected to their roots in the upper worlds.

Everything that a person does here has an influence in the upper worlds through these roots.

The things that we do create positive or negative energies and afterwards the blessing comes down to us in equal measure.

That is the power of the person, that he can change and build with his actions in this world.  This will affect what he or she receives back from the spiritual world.

Ancient Wisdom

The knowledge revealed in the Kabbalah and related ancient wisdom is the exact requirements of these actions, the time and place and circumstances in which they are to be completed and the effect they will have on the actor.

Old world strategies and remedies that can provide direct positive results that you can see in your life today.

We provide you with the actions and tools needed specifically to help you achieve a better marriage and relationship.

We have worked with many couples and families that were fighting, separated with a broken relationship for a long time and even in the process of divorce and were able to help them get back together after one partner used these kabbalistic solutions.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us.

Who Is It For?

This package is for any person having relationship problems and would like a peaceful solution.

We have met people in very difficult situations that had gone on for a long time and they were able to resolve their relationship problems peaceably and stop fighting by using our solutions.

We have also used these tools many times with business partners, fathers and daughters and coworkers and have also been successful.

What Do I Get?

This package includes a variety of practical kabbalah tools that we use when people approach us for marriage help and relationship problems.

Applications are made to decrease the negative influence between people and increase and improve positive energy to repair a marriage and relationship.

The applications can be done on your own, without any other party’s knowledge or cooperation.

Each package comes with complete instructions describing exactly how to use each product in order to get the best results. The instructions are very simple and can be completed easily and quickly by most anyone.

The actions are very simple to do but can have a huge impact on a person’s relationship.


Our solutions are unique, not something that you have ever seen before. So when you receive our package with the guide and if you feel that you want to start to implement it immediately we stand behind our word that whatever we sent you is already tested and in most cases successfully applied.

We hand make each package personally for you at the time of order, we are usually able to ship the package within 3 business days of the order date.

Shipping within the United States is free.  International shipping is $35.