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Self Recovery: Our Approach to Healing

The body is able by its nature is set to repair and repair and recover itself by internal biological processes and that is with the condition that we provide it with the necessary conditions.  The self healing of the body is possible thanks to the body cells that are always in the process of renewing and re-distributing themselves.  As a result, cells and tissues are renewed all the time.

Without this renewal process of the cells, no tissue will ever be recovered, as it is with some cells, like in the nerves or the teeth, in which the damage is usually irreversible.

To see the ability of self healing of the body you can take a look at the process of healing a broken bone.  The support cast itself is not repairing or re-sealing the broken bone, its only providing the proper conditions of resting to the bones that are necessary for internal processes to continue until the fracture is healed.  So the bone fracture  is recovered and fused back together by the body itself without any direct external involvement.

Another example that shows the self healing abilities of the body is when the skin’s surface is damaged and even bleeding.  The body itself repairs the damage through the blood clotting system that prevents loss of blood, and also by the body systems that closes and fuses the ripped and damaged spot.

So the ability to recover energy and forces are located within the body and in order to recover the body does not need any external force that will recover it. By nature we need to know the rules of how to assist the body and not how to suppress the natural operations of the body.

To most people it sounds odd and impossible that the body can heal itself without any external involvement.  The common assumption and the incorrect assumption is that you can recover illness by medicine that is given from outside. That is why they go to a doctor; from faith that he can give them medicine and remedy for their illness.

The first and real basic natural assumption is that the body does not need something external to recover or to heal as the body itself always sustains and is ambitious to run itself at the most healthy level.

In other words the body is always working and running in the right direction to keep itself and to stay healthy, and never runs in the direction that is against its own existence.

Sometimes the body looks like it’s running in a way that is against its own existence, but in reality those actions are necessary in the condition that is forced on the body.

For instance, a skin rash that happened in order to release poison from the blood that put the body at risk.  so the body ruined the skin in order to save and to keep the blood clean as the blood is a higher priority for the body’s existence that the skin.

Another example is osteoporosis, when the blood has different poisons in it like acids and phosphorus that can damage the balance in the blood the body starts to collect the calcium from the bones in order to counteract the poison materials and to keep the PH balance of the blood even at the price of damaging the strength of the bones.

So naturally, everything is a gift from God that is connected to work in the optimum way and even in the case of damage of one part, that is in order to save more important or other critical body functions or parts.

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