Stop an Enemy Talisman

Many people often face others that cause problems for them at work, in a relationship, with their family or other aspects of their personal life.

Be it a coworker, a friend, a former partner or even a member of your family you can block these people from affecting your work or your personal life.

Developed directly from ancient Kabbalistic teaching, this talisman is a simple yet powerful method to stop people that are trying to harm you.

Kabbalists study the cause and effect on how to fight man’s enemies from a spiritual standpoint, as revealed in a variety of ancient spiritual texts.  These are not common solutions you will find elsewhere, they are ancient hidden remedies that we have found still work with our client’s today.  Clients from all over the world have reported life changing results to us.

This is a talisman used remedies to stop an enemy, if you would like to pursue a more aggressive and comprehensive approach to eliminating harmful people please see our Protection From Enemies Package.



Stop an Enemy – Prevent damage and overcome enemies. This is a personal step by step instruction with an action guide with advice to stop a person that conducts negative actions against you.