New Home Spiritual Protection

Your home is your most intimate and important place for you to rest and recharge. Previous negative forces from former owners or events that occurred there may remain in your new home.

Protection from Negativity

Keep away negative energy from previous residents’ negative situations. The talisman will be placed before the front door and any other external entrance that you may have:

  • Guard your home from evil spirits
  • Remove negative energy from your home.
  • Block previous negativity and bad luck that happened in the home’s past history.
  • Stop the same and new negativity from entering your doors.

One talisman needs to be placed on each external door. If you need more than one we will provide a 15% discount per talisman.

A talisman is handwritten with a quill on parchment in a spiritual process.

All talismans are made as a custom special order.



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