Protection While Traveling


Guide to Protection While Traveling.

Learn an effective way to ensure a safe journey while traveling and stay out of harm’s way.

Whether you are travelling overseas or would like protection during your daily commute there are simple things you can do that will impact on your safety and wellness.

Developed directly from ancient Kabbalistic teaching, this guide is a practical, step-by-step resource to our simple yet powerful methods to protect you during any type of travel.

Kabbalists study the cause and effect of common life problems as revealed in a variety of ancient spiritual texts.  These are not common solutions you will find elsewhere, they are ancient hidden remedies that we have found still work with our client’s today.  Clients from all over the world have reported positive results to us.

  • Protect from accidents, theft or illness while you travel.
  • Maintain positive energy while traveling through any environment.
  • Spiritual protection to keep you out of the path of potential harm.
  • Can be used for air travel, car or truck or even walking.