Marriage and Relationship Solutions

Improve or repair a marriage and relationship. Increase the positive energies between you and your partner, family member or friends. Change a negative environment to positive.

Relationships are established not only on the physical level but also on the spiritual level, with a soul connection between the couple. Problems in any marriage or relationship may exist on the spiritual level and cause conflicts, arguments, disagreements and separation in the relationship.

This package is for people that have marriage or relationship problems or couples that are seeking to improve their struggling marriage or love, or even a relationship with a family member (mother and daughter, son, mother-in-law).  Jealousy, hatred, impurity of a surrounding person or even items affecting relationships in current time or in the past may be some of the reasons for problems in the relationship.



 A Relationship can be influenced through each person’s spiritual image.  Using multiple actions towards this purpose can be an extremely powerful tool to increase your spiritual merit and cause your desired change to occur.  There are actions you can do to harness a metaphysical power to help you achieve a better marriage and relationship.

Couples and families that were fighting, separated with a broken relationship for a long time and even and almost divorced got back together after one partner used these kabbalistic solutions.

We received very positive feedback both in face to face meetings and calls that the relationship was fixed to a level of love and peace. We saw cases of couples that lived separately and then went back together holding hands after two weeks.

The wisdom of Kabbalah is the most ancient of all wisdoms. It goes back to the time of Abraham the Patriarch, in the 18th century BC, 3800 years ago.  Kabbalah is not just a religious tradition to be studied but has incredible old world strategies and remedies that can give you immediate and lasting results in the modern world.

Practical Kabbalah tells a person how to attract the positive forces of creation to get closer to the divine creation to bring about changes in the physical world.

The concept: Certain physical actions, when taken in this world, can create change on the spiritual level, which comes back and manifests itself as physical or material change in this world. These actions, the time and place and circumstances in which they are to be completed and the effect they will have on the actor are revealed in the Kabbalah as having a certain effect on the spiritual world, which thus comes back and has a positive effect on the life of the actor.

Doing any one of the recommended actions, can increase the chances of your request being heard. Doing multiple actions on a regular basis towards this purpose can be an extremely powerful tool to increase your spiritual merit and cause your desired change to occur.

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