Improve Your Luck

Luck is known as your destiny that a person receives as a spiritual genetic map when he is born.

At the time that he is born his genetic fortune determines if he will be tall or short, rich or poor, smart or slow, healthy or sick etc. but his fortune is not decisive and can be changed according to his actions in his lifetime to levels from removing suffering or lack of success to attracting on himself new light and new fortune.

We provide you with practical Kabbalistic tools that specifically work to harness a metaphysical power to help you achieve good luck and success.  Recommended actions, can increase the chances of your request being heard. Doing multiple actions towards this purpose can be extremely powerful to increase your spiritual merit and cause your desired change to occur.

Everything depends on luck. Good fortune is a key to influence blessing into every area of a person’s life.



A person’s soul is located in this material world but has roots in the upper worlds that it is still connected to.  Every act that a person does here has an influence in the upper worlds and afterwards the blessing comes down to him in equal measure to his acts. It’s like a rope thrown over a crossbeam, when you shake one side it triggers a change above which affects the other side and the rope moves on the other side according to your acts.

Certain physical actions, when taken in this world create change on the spiritual level, which comes back and manifests itself as physical or material change in this world.

That is the power of the person, that he can change and build with his actions worlds above, which will change his circumstances in this material world.  There is a connection between your future and your actions.  Everything that comes down to this world comes with spiritual abundance but the driver is the person that directs his life from positive to negative, from bad to good,  based on his acts.

These actions, the time and place and circumstances in which they are to be completed and the effect they will have on the actor are revealed in the Kabbalah.

We provide you with tools that influence tangible reality, old world strategies and remedies that can give you immediate and lasting results in the modern world.

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