Improve Luck Talisman

The Good Luck Talisman is hand written by a kabbalist with an ancient code known to improve the overall luck of a person and increase his spiritual merit.

This talisman is for anyone who would like to improve their general luck and have better success in all aspects of their life. If you feel that you are stuck in a rut or things have not been going your way lately this talisman can attract positive energy to your endeavors.

If you are embarking on something new in your like and would like some spiritual help this talisman can help move things in a positive direction.



Contrary to what some people might tell you, Kabbalah is not something reserved for a select talented few.  As long as you follow our simple instructions and use the talisman as we direct.  You too can utilize this ancient powerful gift to bring you incredible good luck!

A Talisman can help you harness metaphysical powers to help you achieve what you want. A Talisman is a parchment with certain prayers/requests and names of celestial beings requested to act. The prayers and requests are singularly directed to a particular purpose and is then worn so it is with you all the time. This is not black magic. Black magic is impurity. This stems from holiness. It is prayers. Prayers written by a holy person with the proper words and directed to the proper spiritual beings.

The power of the Talisman in this case would be to connect the person to the spiritual realm so he can broadcast his request on a higher spiritual frequency. The Talisman acts as a door to the higher spiritual frequency and thus your request is transmitted directly to the creator and his spiritual helpers. This serves as a reminder to them and prompts a review of your request and if there is no blockage it can move things along for you. As it says repeatedly in the Bible “and G-d remembered”…Sarah, Rachel, Israel etc…and helped them, so the spiritual realm sometimes needs to be reminded of you and your needs and G-d willing your wishes will be fulfilled.

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