For Businesses

What is it about some people that are prospering financially?

If you are the owner of a business and looking to increase your income we can help. Whether you are just starting or you feel stuck, losing to competitors or you feel you have not accomplished your full potential, we can help you increase your income with spiritual methods without adding any material changes to your business.

Our methods are only for business owners that provide a reasonable value to clients and are delivering service or products with honesty and integrity.

The Process:

When you sign up you will provide us information about your business and what you would like to accomplish. We will guide you with ways we think you can increase the productivity of your business and with instructions to perform certain rituals.

Some of the rituals will be conducted only one time and some will be a few minutes a day. We will also conduct ongoing rituals on your behalf. These will be based on spiritual work only. God willing you will see a change that you have never seen before and could not accomplish on your own.

How Does it Work?

You will see that the right people, the right ideas and the right opportunities will flow to you with a blessing like never before and you will just need to provide your service or goods to receive. You will work with us on a personal level, contributing to our fund from future increases in income, starting at 10%.


    Time Frame:

    Our clients usually see a change in between a few weeks to a few months and up to a year.

    We have experienced working successfully with all types of businesses. Some of the businesses are at a higher level of contribution now working with global clients.

    • Limited space is available
    • Try it for 90 days. You can always go back to the old days.
    • We provide you with the initial guidance and materials at no charge, you are only required to be at least level 1 in membership

    Let’s start to make a change.

    Please contact us with what you would like to accomplish or if you have any questions and we will contact you soon.



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