Blessed is He Who Says and Does

We created our service with the goal to serve other people outside of our community with unique ancient knowledge and wisdom that is rarely found in today’s world. We are aiming to work with people like us, that have the heart to support and maintain goodness in this world, and share the same spiritual guidance, mindset and way of living toward God and others.

With a good thought, intention, care and love, we are the people that believe that to spread the fire, the first and the most important step is the action; to spread, improve and God willing make the change.

You will find here a sympathetic ear and answers and solutions, show your care with your intention towards actions.  Help us to continue to spread the fire.

Your assistance means so much to us so if you need anything in the future please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime.

“Blessed is he who says and does”

Thank you.