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Relationship Advice: Maintaining a Close Relationship

The world has changed very much and today slowly women have become equal to a man and very often will also work a full time job along with their husband.

When both adults are out of the home for most of the day working it can put a lot of stress on the management of the home and the relationship between the couple.

We have had many couples come to us for relationship advice about how to manage their relationship and the home and their children successfully.

Unfortunately very often they come to us when they already have relationship problems, have been to marriage counseling or are thinking of separating.

The Modern Household

Women today are more educated and independent and are very often monetary providers for their family alongside their husband.

Today in most places you need to incomes to survive and the women is required to work.

Of course there are a lot of good aspects to this, it is always good when someone is able to feel more independent and stronger, it improves self esteem.

However, this has a strong impact on married life.

Now when each spouse comes home from a long day dealing with the stress at work and he has to come home and then deal with the housework and the children it is very difficult.

It is clearly not the same as if one of you were home all day to deal with the home and the children.

Your relationship with your spouse will also be different, you can’t give them the attention that they need.

Not because you don’t want to but you are likely both overwhelmed with the attention you need to give at work, and then to the children and to the housework.

So here we need to be careful, it is important to make your relationship and your marriage a priority.

To provide for your family and to be financially stable is wonderful but it is not nearly as important as the harmony of married life.

The foundation of your home and your family is your relationship with your spouse, if that is damaged nothing else really matters.

Marriage Advice to Maintain a Close Relationship

You have to learn to be together and make time for each other.

The best way to do this when you have little time is to develop the concept of quality time, making sure that you take some time every day to give your partner attention, to listen to them and make sure they feel that you are always there for them.

Try giving each other 30 minutes a day alone.  Start taking a walk after dinner together, let the kids watch a movie and sit out on the deck and have ice cream together and talk or decide to get up 30 minutes earlier and have your coffee together before the kids get up.

Don’t make it elaborate, try to keep it simple but create closeness.  A time where you are not distracted and can remind yourselves what you like about each other.

The most important thing is that you keep this closeness, once you forget who your partner is and start judging him or her only on their actions or how they are helping you with running the family, this is where the marriage problems begin.

This 30 minutes will belong to you as a couple and can create harmony, love and understanding in your married life.

Contact us if you need more relationship help or you can look at our Kabbalah marriage applications for creating a healthy marriage.




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