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Receiving Abundance: What is a Vessel?

In Kabbalah, the concept of the vessel is used very often.  When people want blessing and abundance from God you can receive it only if you have the proper vessel to hold it.

If you want prosperity, you need to make a vessel to hold it.  If you want a blessing for family harmony, you need a vessel to hold it.  For any prosperity from God, a vessel is needed.

So what is a vessel? How Do You Make A Vessel?

If you want to get a blessing it has to come through nature, God does not bring anything to this world outside of nature.

Even the miracles in the scripture are done through a distortion of nature; the splitting of the sea, all of the 10 curses on Egypt (darkness, locusts, blood etc..).

The vehicle for all of God’s acts in this world, miracle or not are through nature.

You have to create something material in nature for God to act within and put the blessing into.

You have to make some effort to achieve what you want in the natural way we would in this world so God can put the blessing into your efforts.

So if you want better income you have to make an effort to get it so you can say that you received more income because you started a new marketing plan, you changed inventory, you met with a few headhunters and sent out resumes and cover letters, etc..

The vessel will be different depending on the thing that you want, but you have to do something within nature to achieve it.

He doesn’t want everyone to suddenly win the lottery or come into a large inheritance.

Sometimes we do get blessings in that way, a sudden surprise.

Usually though there is something in your life already that he put the blessing into.

The Structure of Creation; The Material Component and The Spiritual Component

Everything in our world is a physical thing, the material component, together with a spark of God, the spiritual component.

All material things have a spark of God in them, even though they do not move.

Nothing can exist in this world without that spiritual component, not even a table or chair.

Your life is the same. You are a partner with God in your life.

Your acts are an important part of the equation. Based on your acts, God determines how to react and what to

God will only act for good, so if you act for good, God will certainly put his blessing into it.

If you are acting for bad or for something that God knows is not good for you or part of your purpose, he will not bless it.

So if it is prosperity that you are looking for start thinking about how you are going about it.


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