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Paranormal Activity and Ghosts: According to Kabbalah are they Real?

Kabbalah teaches about God’s creations and Ghosts or paranormal activity is part of God’s creation.

God’s creations in this world for the most part are spiritual components that are hidden within material or physical components.

Even a rock consists of a spiritual component and a physical component.

However, there are some creations in this world that are purely spiritual creations without a physical component.

These creations are what we would refer to as ghosts and paranormal activity.

Spirits and Spiritual Creations in Kabbalah

There are purely spiritual creations of God, that we cannot see or hear with our senses, except in unusual circumstances because they are not attached to any physical material.

In Kabbalah we learn that these spiritual beings actually went into the ark with Noah when God destroyed the world during the time of the great flood.

These are not beings that are lost between dimensions or here to cause mischief.

They are spiritual creations that are in the world for a reason.

They were created to be in this world, they have their place here and their purpose for being here.

It is not recommended to interfere with them or try to communicate directly with them as we don’t understand very much about why they are here and what their purpose is.

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