Our Process

Our practice is based on the principles set forth in the study of “practical” or “active” Kabbalah spiritual wisdom . Our approach to help can be summarized by the clause “Every action in this world triggers a corollary action in the spiritual world.

True to this philosophy, our help is based on taking actions in this world that inspire action in the spiritual world and God willing result in a positive change in a person’s life. 

The Active Connection Between the Material and the Spiritual World

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to understand the interactions between the material and the spiritual world. The study of Kabbalah seeks to understand these connections and many of the ancient Kabbalah texts provide a blueprint for an understanding of nature and these connections.

 Our remedies are based on practical Kabbalah wisdom studied intensely over two decades and from our practical experience using these remedies to help many people with a host of different problems in our local practice.

 We have helped people overcome their life challenges, recover and remedy their problems or find success.  

People that used our spiritual help report some positive change to a complete solution and success.  You will be able to implement some of our advice on your own but some solutions require significant spiritual knowledge so we can implement it for you.

If you have any questions or you would like more information, please visit our kabbalah store or contact us with any question or advice.