Our Guarantee

We provide some guarantee that the talisman that you requested will work for you and will create your desired result.

Thirty years of experience writing talismans for thousands of people  all over the world with numerous different issues, we received the spiritual knowledge and blessing to know how our spiritual work brings success, help and blessing to the person that receives our talisman and almost every time the recipient’s desires come true.

The following things are important to know when you request a talisman:

    • You must believe in a spiritual power and the power of the divine to help you.  This spiritual power is fully connected to the talisman with your name and your request for spiritual help for your situation and you must have faith.  We cannot help if you don’t believe in the divine and the existence of his spiritual power.


    • The information that you provide must be accurate in terms of your name and your mother’s name and the situation that you are facing.  Incorrect information could lead to diagnosis of the wrong spiritual solution which may lead to an unsuccessful or different spiritual influence, so the information that you provide us must be 100% accurate.


    • You must be honest and act with faith and legitimate circumstances.  Spiritual positive power is NOT part of, and does not help, any dishonest person or corrupt motives and purposes.


    • The talisman that you will receive cannot be opened or damaged in any way (we provide you the talisman sealed with a copy of what is inside so there is no reason to open it).


    • Your personal talisman/amulet is made with a strong spiritual intention and includes within it your specific name and situation.  You cannot transfer it to someone else or use it for different circumstances.


  • You receive specific instructions with the talisman/amulet, what to do with it and how, and you have to follow them precisely.

Our guarantee to you is that if the talisman that we created for you did not help you as per your issue we will talk to you to try to find the reason and we will create a new talisman for you at no charge, provided that the original sealed talisman is returned to us.