Things Around Me are Breaking All the Time

In the last couple of months, I have had this bad luck around me. It’s one thing after another. I never had this before in my life. I am a young ambitious women in my 30’s, very organized. I am getting into different kind of situations and scenarios that repeatedly cost me money to repair and headache to deal with people to fix things. It started first with my car, then my home’s air condition, then the fridge, then the computer and now it has come into my work. I did not do anything. I did not drop anything or accidentally damage or hit anything to cause it to break down. it just happened one after the other. I don’t know what the next thing will be and I can’t take it anymore. I don’t remember doing something to hurt, damage or change something in my life, but I feel like there is something that is after me, not under my control that I can tie, hold or prevent from happening or coming back again. The side effect that comes with that is even worse as I think about what will be next and I am running around crazy trying to check that everything is o.k., making lists, verifying five times that i locked the car and I shut off the stove and on and on. I cannot continue to live under fear and unknowing as I am not doing anything wrong. My mom told me that someone did witchcraft against me or got an evil eye on me. I don’t believe in that and I never experienced something like that but I know that its not something I am doing and it is definitely something out of my control.

Our Solution: We told the young lady to put a few pieces of parchments we sent her and a few items in the corners of her home, in her bag and in her desk. We received a thank you note two weeks later that everything so far is good.