Store with No Income – Nobody is Coming In and Buy

My husband has a store in a very good location but for some reason that we don’t know in the last year or so less people are coming in. The ones that come in also don’t usually buy. We have very little income and in the last month we started to have a loss.

We didn’t change anything in the store since we owned it, there are no similar stores in our block or area and as we have been in business for a long time we don’t know what is causing this. My husband finds himself sitting in the store for days without one person even walking in, coming home with zero. He feels he is wasting his time and he doesn’t know how to do anything else to go into a different business.

Our Solution: We provided her with a talisman and script to read. She called us a month later saying that three days after she started she heard a commercial on the radio that her city dedicated some funds for small businesses. She went and filled out the applications and received almost $20,000. She says, she doesn’t understand, people are coming into the store now and buying.