My US Citizenship is Delayed For No Reason

I was in the process of getting my green card and becoming a US citizen for a very long time and nothing is moving forward, my case went through investigation for no reason, especially when I married a US citizen and we have 2 kids. Many people go through the process and finish in 6 months, my case has already been in process for 3 years. Nobody gave me or my attorney a real reason why and I have my first meeting in immigration in Newark NJ next week. My attorney says that we need to hear what they have to say as we don’t know if there is a problem or what it is and then we will respond after we get some feedback from them and there is nothing that he can do to make it go smoother or faster. I am very worried and my wife is also worried and stressed out about it.

Our Solution: We gave him a talisman to carry, and gave him some text to read and practices to do that are known to be good when you come in front of ministers, kings and government. He called us back and said that the most senior attorney from his lawyer’s office came with him, while he was sitting in the waiting room, the attorney told him to lower his expectations as his case is running for a long time and he should not expect to leave the office with his citizenship today. The person answered him with confidence and positivity that “we are going to leave here with my citizenship, I am going to take my oath and become a citizen today.” The attorney replied that its nice that he has a nice attitude but he doesn’t think so. They walked into the interview and the officer asked him some questions, which he answered correct, but then the officer asked him for his phone number and he did not know which number was on the file. every phone number he gave was the wrong number, it turned out to be his wife’s phone number. He replied, i’m sorry my wife checked the paperwork for me with the attorney and I am not sure which phone number she put. The officer said ” that’s ok, I also help my husband with his paperwork, everything looks fine, please go into the other room to take your oath and get your citizenship in about 30 minutes.