My Son is 8 Years Old and He Doesn’t Speak

We have a son who is eight years old. He is making noises but he does not have any language, he doesn’t talk. We communicate with him just through basic signs. We tried all the stuff that everyone is doing, like speech therapy and we went to the best doctors and tried different medicines, although we don’t like to use medicines for a kid. We also tried some natural remedies but nothing help. He is doing physical activities like every other boy, running, playing, jumping, like every other boy. He even knows how to spell letters and connect them to an object so the brain is there but we don’t know what is blocking him that the speech is not coming.

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A Rabbis met with the child and conduct spiritual repair and blessing . The child started to speak two weeks later. Two months later we heard that he speaks 98% regularly, like any other kid.

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