My Ex Continuously Pursues Me With New Litigation

I was married to this women for six years, which was too long.  The only reason I didn’t run away earlier was just because of the kids. But one day I couldn’t take it anymore and she went too far in threatening me, so I had no choice but walking away and being on my own and later on starting a new family. I found a new wonderful women, I got married, we have a family together.  I have a really wonderful new relationship and family, but my ex doesn’t leave me alone. She knows that I got married.  She is still on her own and she continuously making false claims to authorities like the IRS, police, things that never happened and even the courts, she files lies to the courts.  Its easy to prove that she is lying but meanwhile me and my new wife are under stress, spending time and money with attorneys and court days. When we finish with one thing (and so far she didn’t get anything because we all prove her lies) she is finding a new thing to file and we start to run again.  I am afraid to lose, she is suing for a lot of money and in the court most of the time they favor the women, although the evidence is for my side, she lies and brings fake papers and cries, to influence the system and the judge, and if I lose it’s not only a lot of money it will also encourage her to continue. I don’t want to damage her I just want her to leave me alone.

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We received feedback that she lost the case in the courts and with every single action against him.


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