My Daughter is Not Getting Married and I am Worried

I am a mom to a wonderful daughter. She is over 30 years old, she is dating different men but has not found the right one to settle with. I know how hard it is to find good mate it today’s world but still i am worried. I want the best for her but there is nothing I can do to help.

Everything is o.k. with her, she looks good, her behavior is fine, she’s educated and has a good job, she is a good person with manners, and I don’t know why she cannot find a good man to establish a happy life with her.

I had a conversation with her a few times, and I know she is getting annoyed every time I am asking, but it is just because I care and I want the best for her. She tells me what happens when she goes out with someone, it all sounds pretty normal and I know she’s not lying to me, but recently I feel like even she doesn’t know how to help herself.

It is not something wrong that she is doing or saying it’s just not happening with the right one. And I am asking God where is the right one for her and for our family. We are not getting younger and like every mom and dad we want to see our kids settled, happy, healthy and have nachas.

Our Solution: She applied our advice and her daughter got engaged next year.