I Have Strong Allergies and Nobody Knows How to Cure It

I have allergies that shut my body down. My face is getting red and my skin, I get a strong headache, I cannot open my eyes and every time it happens I have to lie down on the floor
because that’s the only way I feel a little bit better, and I have to wait until it goes away, which may take from 30 minutes to an hour, in which I cannot stand, walk or do anything. I have this already for 10 years, no doctor has been able to help me. I am going next week for another test, this is the unlimited where they have to stick me with a lot of needles and inject into my skin different things and do different tests. It’s not only that I cannot function, it’s also embarrassing as I don’t know when it will happen and what causes it. I found myself in a few uncomfortable scenarios, like I was at work in a client’s home and it happened and I had to lay down in the client’s house on the floor. Also, in different stores it has happened, and I have to stop what I am doing and lay down on the ground and wait and that’s the only solution that I found so far. No other allergy medicine or anything else helped, I tried them all.

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We advise him to use some herbs for two weeks. He contact us 3 days later to thank us, the allergy disappeared after 10 min. We still know this person to this day, 9 years later, and the allergy attacks are gone completely from his life.

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