I am Going to Immigration to Get My Green Card and I Really Need Help

I have been in the US for 10 years already. I have been through a few processes with immigration. My case was stretching and delaying on and on. I went to receive my first green card a year ago, I thought it was going to be one of the most happy days of my life and when i sat across from the officer after 2 minutes he asked me to wait and came up with immigration police and they arrested me. The reason they said is that they sent me a letter by regular mail to an old address that I have not been living at for the last 6 years, while they are communicating with me and with my attorney at my new address. Because I did not get the letters at the old address, I got a default and they put an order of deportation on me. Nothing that I said helped. All our communication papers they ignored and refused to admit that this was their mistake and I should receive a green card according to my case, and definitely not go to jail or be deported. Now it is 2 years later my case is clear of the things that I didn’t do. When I was in jail my wife contacted you and you helped her to get me out of the deportation jail, which was a miracle. Now I have another invitation to go to the same building to receive my green card and I am scared. I have no criminal record or anything, my case is completely clean and should be very simple and I feel my case was difficult for things that I don’t know about or are not involved in.

Our Solution: We gave the man a talisman to carry and a few things to do when he was there. He called us back with good news, that things went very unusual for him as he got his greencard after a short interview of 5 to 10 minutes. He told us that they were waiting for 2 and a half hours in the reception room to get an interview while his attorney is pointing to the officer she hopes will not interview us as she has a bad experience with him as not such a nice person and at the same time pointed to a different officer with a brown suit that is easygoing and pleasant officer to deal with. So I carried the talisman and did all the things the Rabbi said to do, I did all the visualizations and thoughts to try and get the nice officer and not the bad one.

After 2 and half hours the attorney decided to go to the receptionist and ask when their turn would be. The receptionist replied that this person, which was the officer that we did not want to have, he is one responsible for his case and he is in a meeting right now and we will be right after that. At the same time she said that the nice officer with the brown suit walked in and heard what she said, and told her that he is available now and to let him take this case. They walked in and had a short interview of 5 minutes only, unlike most people that spend around 30 minutes in the interview. The officer approved him on the spot and he received his green card after 2 weeks.