Engaged in 30 days after 5 years of looking!

I am 29 years old.  A successful attorney in NYC. I am an attractive woman and I believe myself to be warm and interesting, but I find that when I go on dates with men most of the time they don’t continue it to the relationship. I have a lot of friends and everyone seems to love me and want to spend time with me but for some reason nobody seems to want to date me.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with me and I don’t understand why I am always being rejected.  It really hurts. I am just looking for one normal nice man and I have no idea why it’s so difficult for me to find someone and get married, especially today with online dating.  Even out of the worst statistics there should be a certain number of people that I approach where I can end up with one normal person that I can date, marry and have a family with like all of my friends who don’t seem to have a problem. I feel like I have everything but coming home after work and being lonely makes me feel like I just work and it’s already like this for a 5 years. Can you please help?

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Four weeks later she met a man the same age as her. A  few months later they got married.   Today they are married and have two kids, a girl and a boy.  You can read more about it here: from loneliness to marriage in 90 days.

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