Health & Illness Remedies

We provide spiritual holistic remedies that have helped many people to recover from different health problems. In most situations we deal with illnesses that could go one way or the other, it could get better or it could get worse.

Recovery might be depend on different factor’s but most people want to do everything they can for themselves and their loved one’s to achieve recovery and look to also appeal to the spiritual source for grace.

We help them make this connection and G-d willing many have achieved recovery and wellness again.

In some of the cases we have worked on, people received serious improvement to complete recovery with health issues that the doctor’s and modern medicine couldn’t help with.

Many people had tried all of the modern remedies to no avail and had already given up having been told that they is no more opportunity for recovery, and by G-d’s help the person received his life in a miracle and became completely healthy to the shock of the doctor’s.

Many doctor’s themselves acknowledged that there is no explanation for the recovery other than a miracle.

Health issues can generally be divided into three different categories:

1.  A problem the person is born with.

2. A health issue that arises at some point in time within the person’s body system.

3.  An injury.

The concept is to try to address and to match the cause with the remedy.

When a body becomes ill it has some connection to the person’s past and present and his environment, everything happens for a reason.  Pain or health issues are like a warning sign for something in the body or in your life that is not properly running according to the manufacturer’s guidelines (like the engine warning light in your car).

 The problem could be physical or spiritual.  All systems are connected to each other and to the source and have the right and the appropriate positive energy, with no negative influences from your environment, you should not have health issues.

 If one of the things is missing then the connection of that part is damaged so the functioning of the physical body part will reduce or will stop functioning.

Another way to understand it is that every physical being has a shadow of a spiritual being. There is a strong common ongoing daily connection and relationship between the two. You can read more about it here: How Spiritual Actions transform to Physical Creations

Every being on his own will reflect the other one in his own environment, that means that spiritual damage from the past will damage the spiritual shadow which will reflect like a mirror onto the physical body in such detail that even a face or hand wrinkles and crevices will change and you just need to know and be able to read the signs in order to read the reflection on the body and the life of a person from those interactions.

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