My Wife Just Left Me, How Can I Bring Her Back Home?

We have been married for 25 years. We recently didn’t get along.  I think it was just life frustrations that we got mad at each other for minor things. Definitely not important things that a women should leave the house and family. It seems like also every time we talk things are getting worse and I really don’t know why. So either I am causing a problem or maybe semmes like after along time we don’t understand each other anymore.  Is it possible after such a long time?  I want to mention that we are not just a married couple we are also good friends, we got along, we didn’t stay together for 25 years because we had to.  Everything was just normal, o.k. and even good.

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 One of our friends saw them together hand in hand a few weeks later in our local market, and the man actually winked to him.  We are happy we helped to bring peace to another family.

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