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Mindfullness Meditation: Connecting to the Spiritual World

There are many reasons why people meditate; it is healthy, they want to relax, it makes them feel strong and centered.  But in a deeper place what we are really looking for is to find some way to connect to the universe.  That deeper connection to that thing that creates our world and makes it live.

Generations ago prayer was the vehicle to connect to the divine.  Communal prayer allowing people to connect with each other and the creator. Individual prayer allowing for a personal audience with the divine and usually including some form of meditation.

Meditation and Prayer

Why do we do it? We feel that there is life inside us and we are seeking a connection to the source of it. This is our desire to connect to the spiritual level of our world.

This is true no matter what religion you are.  You feel that you want more, not materially, you want to know and understand your place in this world. You want more out of your life.

Meditation allows you to feel connected to this world and thus its creator and to gain some perspective and understanding of your place.

How to Meditate and Pray

We all have some brokenness in our heart, things in our life that we are disappointed with, things that pain us.  That place inside you that is pained and aspires to understand, this is part of your spiritual core that feels this.

That longing to repair, to heal, to have something different and better, the faith and the belief that it is there.  Reaching into that place and connecting to those feelings is where we begin in prayer and meditation.

The Jewish prayer book was conceived to enable us to reach those places.  The prayer book was written by our sages in a sort of code that they knew to be a direct route to the divine.

But still it takes a long time to reach that place because you have to go out of awareness of your body and the physical realm and move into awareness of the spiritual realm.

The only way to do it is gradually to peel away layer after layer, until you get to a place where you are only aware of your spiritual side and then gradually you can find the place where your spiritual side is connected to the spiritual world and you can find peace and greater understanding.

Prayer and meditation is about getting to that place.  The prayer book is designed to get us to that place, a very deep place.  It has been proven to work to get people to that place.

It’s a lot of work but it is achievable.

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