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Meditation, Prayer & Spiritual Actions: Connecting to God in Thought, Speech & Action

Meditation, prayer and spiritual actions are incredibly powerful tools for connecting to God.  When you connect to God you strengthen and center the the spiritual core of your being, boost your spiritual energy and empower your life with the goodness from the spiritual level of the world.

There are three core ways to connect to God that correspond to God creation of the world:  God’s thought, God’s words and God’s action.

Meditation: Connecting to God in Thought

God’s thoughts are clearly more sophisticated and complicated that ours, but we can tap into that body of thought and knowledge.

When you are thinking and meditating on the greatness of God and meditate on the Hebrew letters in his scripture or prayer books you are connecting your thoughts with that of God.

You are connecting your brain with God, and can gain access to the spiritual realm through your mind.

This is very difficult to do and can take years of practice to get to the level where you are able to connect, even for a few seconds.

Prayer: Connecting to God in Speech

God created the world by speaking; he said “Let there we light” and there was light..etc.

In Judaism and Kabbalah we are taught that when you learn scripture and when you pray you must pronounce the words at least loud enough so you can hear it.

You cannot just read it in your head for purposes of connecting with the spiritual nature of the material and the spiritual world.

When you speak the words your speech gets connected to the speech of God.

So you get connected to God and the spiritual world on the level of speech.

Spiritual Actions: Connecting to God in Action

God’s actions are evident all around us.  His creation of the world is evidence of his actions.

The stories in scripture and the descriptions of miracles are also evidence of some of his actions in our world after its creation.

We also have some ability to connect to God through our actions; those actions that he has set out as spiritual actions.

For example, giving charity is a spiritual action.

Giving charity, especially when you don’t have a lot yourself, is a powerful spiritual action that connects you to God and his actions.

As it says in scripture, God’s maxim is “an eye for an eye”  so if you act charitably and kind with others God will act charitable and kind with you.

Certain acts, even small ones, if they have spiritual merit can connect with God’s spiritual mainframe and change God’s interactions with you.

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