Massive Loss in Income

I am an importer of goods from the United States for the last 12 years.  I have a chain of stores and I always did tremendously well bringing always the right items that will sell immediately for a high profit. I travel out of the country twice a month and I usually spend three weeks overseas and one week at home. In the last six months, I don’t know what happened, I cannot find anything valuable that i can buy here and sell at home.  i used to send home 200 boxes and now I barely send 2.  It’s already too long and I am very frustrated.  I am already thinking to change destinations and buy from different countries, but it is much more complicated and I would lose the knowledge and resources that I have already developed in the U.S.  If things will continue this way in a few months I will be out of business.  This Monday is the last time I am going to the wholesaler to look for merchandise before I leave the country.  This will be the last time I came to try one last time before I look for another country to import from.  I have a wife and four kids and I am supporting my older parents.

Results:   We met with this client and we recommended that he say a certain prayer in a certain way.  He went to the market on Monday and called the office at 6:00pm to say that he couldn’t believe it but he just sent home 45 boxes.  The market was all of  a sudden good to him and he did not need to switch countries to import from and his business was back on track.

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