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Marriage & Relationship Happiness: Its More Than Making the Right Choices

In the last year so many of us have been focused on this latest presidential election in America.  Even though we may do our duty and vote we cannot always have the impact that we want to have.

But there are places in our life where we have a very big impact.  We are making decisions every day and every decision can have a big impact on our life and our happiness.  None more so than within our family and home with our relationship or marriage partner.

We make so many decisions every year, we are put in many different situations and have constant thoughts about how and what to choose.

Your Choice Counts

G-d has given to us the choices between good and bad, the choice between life and death and he has recommended to us to choose the good and to choose life.  How can we do that in our everyday life, how can we choose the good and the life every day within the context of our marriage and relationship.

Every one of us makes a choice every morning when we get up.  We can get up and choose to start our day with sadness, choose to start our day with anger, choose to start our day with a sour face, Or w can choose to make an effort to start the day in a better way, to turn to turn to our husband or wife and say “Good morning, how did you sleep? How are you feeling? Let me make you your coffee for you this morning.”  “Good morning children, time to get up please”.

Here, these are all choices.  You can also make choices through the day, you can call them and say “Hello, I just wanted to call to see how you are.  I missed you, did you eat something?  Is your day going well.”  And your souse also has a choice in how to respond; maybe to be angry that you are bothering them, another choice.

You arrive home from work in the evening, you have another choice to make.  The house is a mess, the house is not in order, you have the opportunity to bend down and start helping to clean up or you can start to criticize and complain “again the house is a mess, don’t you know I want to come home to a clean house and a nice meal.”

These are choices you can make and how you choose will have a big impact on your relationship.  However, of course you are not the only one that is making choices.

Your husband or wife is also making choices how they want to respond to you, to keep the positive feelings and care going and to make it grow or cut it off and destroy it.

Put Spirituality in Things You Cannot Control

Making the Right Choices is Not Enough.

Unfortunately, sometimes even if you make all the right choices, outside influences that you have no control over can influence you or your spouse and cause real marriage problems.

There are so many outside influences that can come into your live that you cannot control; your job, a meddling mother in law, an attractive co-worker that flirts with your husband or wife, jealous people that may wish you ill or give you the evil eye.

There are cases where a spouse is no longer interested in their partner and has moved on to someone else, or their spouse is being negatively influenced by an outside third party, like a mother or sister or friend and now is always complaining about you.

You can try to make all the right choices but sometimes it is out of your hands.

We work with people who feel that their effort, luck or life in general is not working no matter what they do in their reality and that’s where the spiritual side can make an impact.

There are a lot of issues that arise when its seems its out of your control, spiritual work can help complete what is missing in the physical world without the person needing to change his reality.

Our methods are in the spiritual realm only, so when you feel like all your efforts on not working, the right way to go is to try and find the source because there is a spiritual solution to every problem.

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